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Free Evaluation

A customer is qualified to receive a free evaluation of their equipment if the following conditions are met:



They have followed the instructions regarding the process for sending equipment to Servo Repair International for evaluation.



The equipment for evaluation is a servo, induction, spindle, or other permanent magnet motor variant.

Rush Service and No Expediting Fees

To receive the fastest turnaround and for best service a customer should follow the instructions regarding the process for sending equipment to Servo Repair International for evaluation before shipping any equipment for service.

For fastest turnaround, it is advised that the customer notify Servo Repair International by phone or email that they intend to send equipment for evaluation and to receive an RA (or tracking number.) If rush service is requested at this point, before Servo Repair International has received the equipment, an expedited evaluation of the unit can proceed as soon as the next appropriate technician is available and usually be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Written notification of a request for rush service may be supplied on a packing list or other shipping document along with the equipment, though this is not preferred as it provides shorter notice for Servo Repair International to free up the necessary technician. If the customer has not received an RA number or has not requested rush service by the time Servo Repair International receives the equipment or has not supplied any written notification along with the equipment, it will be treated as a standard repair and may not be evaluated for five to ten working days.

If the customer neglects to notify Servo Repair International that they wish to request rush service or the customer’s situation changes and rush service becomes necessary, the customer may change the status of their job up to the point that Servo Repair International completes the evaluation and provides a quote. Please notify Servo Repair International by phone or email if you wish to expedite an evaluation.

Upon completion of the evaluation Servo Repair International will supply the customer with a quotation for the repair of the unit. For most quotations provided by Servo Repair International the promised delivery is as fast as can be provided.

In a relatively few cases the customer may request an additionally expedited delivery of the repair. Such cases are usually labor intensive jobs that require resources from vendors of Servo Repair International. The customer may request a second quote that reflects additional labor costs incurred by Servo Repair International such as overtime or additional technicians working on the equipment. The delivery may be drastically shortened but at an additional cost. This cost increase reflects the additional resources being used by Servo Repair International and not an expediting charge.