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We can REMAGNETIZE motors back to maximum torque output.
('Remagnetize' is a company term to explain that SRI is able to magnetize permanent magnet motors back to original levels and return a motor to its OEM specifications.)
  Many AC and DC servo motors become demagnetized.  This can occur due to:
  • An incorrectly adjusted machine 
• Incorrect machine operation 
• Design flaw/s (e.g. Incorrect Cooling…) 
• Unsatisfactory operating environment 
• Unforeseen mechanical or natural occurrence/s 
  One or more of the above scenarios will cause the motor to demagnetize. These conditions can lead to the following motor and machine characteristics:
  • Loss of torque
• Difficult speed control 
• Higher energy usage 
• Dropped magnets 
• Other unwanted issues 
  Most repair shops will remedy the issue by:
  • Gluing dropped weak magnets back on the frame shell or rotor. 
   (Issue Not Solved) 
• Replacing DC frame shells, tachometer magnets and AC rotors
   with new ones. (High part cost)
• Replacing existing demagnetized magnets with new fully 
   charged magnets. (High labor and part costs) 
• Selling you a whole new motor (Usually highest cost) 
  • The above remedies are costly solutions to a simple motor issue.

SERVO REPAIR INTERNATIONAL INC. can restore the lost torque of your existing motor by utilizing our in-house magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures. We build our own customized magnetizer stations and charging cores to cover the various diameters and pole configurations seen in today’s servo motors. In just a few seconds, a motor is brought back to its maximum torque potential by recharging the existing magnets to their specified levels. With recharged rotors or field shells, motors are once again capable of providing the torque necessary for required machine performance.

Ask your present repair shop if they have their own magnetizer and fixtures for remagnetizing motors. If not, then you are settling for a lower quality repair or paying unnecessarily higher repair costs.

We remagnetize DC and AC permanent magnet motors as standard procedure during the evaluation and repair processes. 
Our magnetization service however, does not end there. If the opportunity exists to speak with the end user, we can offer information on preventing future demagnetization occurrences; thereby preventing downtime and costly repairs.

Do not settle for a lower quality or costlier repair. If you are experiencing machine problems, give us a call at 412-492-8116



Sometimes having an servo motor repaired is not the best option.

Extensive motor damage or unacceptable lead times, may make replacement options a more intelligent and economical choice. Servo Repair International provides various replacement options for many OEMs. The older DC servo motors may be crossed over to newer products. We can also provide our own direct intercahangable DC servo motors as replacements. Many times just a simple feedback device crossover may be needed to increase turnaround time and better performance.

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