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Pancake/Disc Armature Servo Motors

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Servo Repair International, Inc. repairs and replaces many of the brands of servo motors, including Infranor/Mavilor.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Infranor was established in 1941 but did not focus on the automation or amplifier industry until 1959 when their printed disc motor prototype began production. In 1976 Infranor took over Alcatel, a manufacture of amplifiers and drives. In 1993 they released their first digital amplifier. In 2000 American designer and manufacturer Automotion Inc. was acquired.


Infranor / Mavilor Motors


If your motor is not represented below, please call us as our capabilities are always expanding!

If your motor is not an Infranor / Mavilor, refer to our Pancake/Disc Armature Motor list to view a list of manufacturers we can service.

MS(K)(S) Series

Using brush technology the MS Series is about to provide a 20% increase in power from previous models. Utilizing an iron less design this motor has exceptional brush life and is very efficient. Zero cogging with up to 6000 RPM ratings. Torque ratings from 5.4 to 120.4 in-lbs through the range offers many options to the end user. Optional equipment includes: brakes, tachometers, encoders, gear heads, and IP 65 protection.

We also service the MO Series.

The MO Series servo motors are available at rated speeds between 3000 and 6000 RPM and rated torques between .247 to 42.35 Nm


Replacement Capabilities


Sometimes having an Infranor/Mavilor servo motor repaired is not the best option.

Extensive motor damage or unacceptable lead times, may make replacement options a more intelligent and economical choice. Servo Repair International provides various replacement options for many Infranor/Mavilor products. The older servo motors may be crossed over to newer products from Infranor/Mavilor or other competing manufacturers. We can also provide our own direct replacement servo motors as replacements. Many times just a simple feedback device crossover may be needed to increase turnaround time and better performance.

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