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Servo Repair International, Inc. repairs and replaces many of the brands of servo motors, including FANUC.

FANUC originated as a part of Fujitsu in the 1950s. The name FANUC is an acronym for Factory Automation Numerical Control. In 1972, FANUC manufactured their first computer numerical control (CNC) and have continued to manufacture and innovate in the fields of automation and robotics to this day.

Servo Repair International, Inc. is capable of repairing most FANUC AC servo motors, but the nomenclature of FANUC AC servo motors is complex and it is difficult to separate the different motors into groups that can be described and summarized. Instead, we present a brief explanation of the relationship between FANUC model numbers and FANUC type numbers. If you have any questions about your FANUC AC servo motor, please contact us to discuss your particular situation.


FANUC Motors


If your motor is not represented below, please call us as our capabilities are always expanding!

If your motor is not a FANUC, refer to our DC Servo Motor list to view a list of manufacturers we can service.


Type Number Example:

For all FANUC DC servo motors, the type number will begin with ‘A06B’. The second set of characters refers to the electrical specifications and dimensions of the motor. However, simply increasing the ‘0601’ to, say, ‘0602’ does not necessarily represent a small increase in one or more specification’s values. In this case such a change in the type number would not result a real type number.

The last set of characters signify shaft dimensions, feedback options, and other available accessories. Interestingly, the number used to represent a tapered shaft, for example, can change based on the numbers present in the middle section of the type number. This is because not all series of FANUC DC servo motors have the same options offered. This means the meaning of the final four characters remain consistent for only small groups of FANUC DC servo motors.

FANUC DC Servo Motor Model Numbers

Here is a table of some of the model numbers that can be found on FANUC DC servo motors:

00 5 7L 30 50
0 5L 10 30L 60
0L 5M 10L 30M
0M 6 20 40

FANUC DC servo motor model numbers each correspond to an individual set of specifications, but the characters in the model number do not reflect any of those specifications. For specification details, the "Type" number must be used.


Replacement FANUC DC Motors


If you are in the market for a replacement FANUC DC servo motor or are wondering if you should attempt any sort of maintenance on a FANUC DC servo motor, Servo Repair International, Inc. recommends that you contact us first to discuss your motor. If you rely only on the model number and try to buy a FANUC DC servo motor off of an auction website, you could very easily buy the wrong motor. If you do not know that your motor has a feedback device that requires electrical alignment and you attempt to perform maintenance you risk the proper functionality of that motor, possibly permanently.


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