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Servo Repair International, Inc. repairs and replaces many of the brands of servo motors, including Control Techniques.

Control Techniques has been around for a long time and has been under several companies. Emerson for many years recently but was sold as of 2017 to Nidec. They have continued using the name Unimotor for their motors though changes have been made to them throughout the years.

Control Techniques Motors


If your motor is not represented below, please call us as our capabilities are always expanding!

If your motor is not a Control Techniques, refer to our AC Servo Motor list to view a list of manufacturers we can service.


We repair and replace the following Control Techniques Motor Series:

75 95 96 115
142 190 BLE BRL

Replacement Capabilities


In addition to repairing your Control Techniques motor, SRI in most cases can offer an exact “Refurbished / Rebuilt” replacement.

Refurbished / Rebuilt replacements are completely tested and come with a 1-year warranty. If you wish to pursue this option, give us a call at: 412-492-8116.


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