Pancake/Disc Armature Servo Motors

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Servo Repair International, Inc. repairs and replaces many of the brands of servo motors, including Parvex.

Based in Dijon, France, and manufacturing motors and control devices since 1948. Parvex was acquired by SSD Parker and much of its technology has been integrated with Parker's own. These same motors can also be manufactured under many different names to include BBC, ABB, Alsthom, Axem, ASEA Brown Boveri, Parker SSD, CEM and GEC.


Parvex Motors


If your motor is not represented below, please call us as our capabilities are always expanding!

If your motor is not aParvex, refer to our Pancake/Disc Armature Motor list to view a list of manufacturers we can service.

AXEM Series

The AXEM series is a long running series that had many updates through it's production run. It is the umbrella name for the F Series, MD Series, and MC Series. Many Advantages with this range include no cogging, rapid response to current, and high torque. These series of motors can have the following add-ons: tachometer, holding break, incremental encoder, fan cooling, gear boxes, and a smoothing inductor. These motors can also be modified to accommodate custom working environments such as, nuclear applications(up to 107 rad), food processing applications, tropical or marine use, and specialty shafts can be created.

F Series

This series is designed for low power systems and is very efficient at higher speeds.

MC Series

This series of motor is a robust all around motor that offers long service.

MD Series

This series is designed to be extremely compact in environments when space is limited. Addition of a break in this series does not increase motor length. Preferred motor for robotic applications.


Replacement Capabilities


Sometimes having an Parvex servo motor repaired is not the best option.

Extensive motor damage or unacceptable lead times, may make replacement options a more intelligent and economical choice. Servo Repair International provides various replacement options for many Parvex products. The older DC servo motors may be crossed over to newer products from Parvex or other competing manufacturers. We can also provide our own direct replacement DC servo motors as replacements. Many times just a simple feedback device crossover may be needed to increase turnaround time and better performance.

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