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Servo Repair International, Inc. repairs and replaces many of the brands of servo motors, including Pacific Scientific.

Pacific Scientific had been manufacturing servo motors and controls since the early Seventies when they were purchased by Kollmorgen in the late Nineties. They continued to manufacture servos, steppers and other motion equipment until the mid-2000s when Kollmorgen, now owned by Danaher, sold off the Pacific Scientific name along with their aerospace division and rebranded some of the Pac Sci stepper motor lines as Kollmorgen while discontinuing their other motion products. Though new Pacific Scientific servo motors are no longer manufactured, many of their products are still in service and Servo Repair International is particularly qualified to maintain Pacific Scientific products.

Pacific Scientific Motors


If your motor is not represented below, please call us as our capabilities are always expanding!

If your motor is not a Pacific Scientific, refer to our AC Servo Motor list to view a list of manufacturers we can service.

PMA Series

The PMA Series of brushless servo motors features neodymium-boron magnets and various feedback choices such as resolver, tach hall or encoder options. Available frame sizes run the gamut from 55mm square to 190mm square and a continuous rated torque range of 0.21 to 54 Nm. Standard IP65 sealing and the availability of IP67 wash down duty as an option on selected models allows the PMA Series to stand up to the rigors of the factory floor. Global certifications and input voltages on most models are available up to 650 volts. All of the PMA Series motors are in a 6-pole configuration.

PMB Series

The PMB Series of brushless servomotors introduces an IP40 construction motor in three frame sizes. The PMBs are 4-pole motors that feature neodymium-boron magnets and are available with a continuous rated torque range from 0.22 to 4.8 Nm. Resolvers, tach halls or encoders are available as optional feedback devices.

S Series

The S Series brushless servo motors are 6-pole units that offer continuous torques from 0.5 to 6.6 Nm. Available in two frame sizes with both metric and NEMA mounting faces. Resolvers, tach halls or encoders are available as optional feedback devices.

R Series

R Series servomotors offer high torque-to-inertia ratios and are engineered for the high dynamic response. These motors come in five frame sizes – both NEMA and metric mountings. The R Series has a continuous rated torque range from 0.32 to 50 Nm. The R series are 4-pole motors that feature neodymium-boron magnets and resolvers, tach halls or encoders are available as optional feedback devices. Under an older model numbering scheme, the R series models may begin with BR.


Free Motor Evaluation and Quote


Servo Repair International offers free evaluation of servo motors. Our evaluations entail a full disassembly of the unit and complete testing of all its components. The evaluation is free as a result of our four decades of engineering design, test and repair experience of servo systems. This knowledge enables us to effectively test and diagnose servo motors in an efficient time frame. In addition, by analyzing the type of failure, we may be able to identify the causative source and offer advice on preventing future failures.


Replacement Capabilities


Sometimes having a Pacific Scientific servo motor repaired is not the best option.

Extensive motor damage or unacceptable lead times, may make replacement options a more intelligent and economical choice. Servo Repair International provides various replacement options for many Pacific Scientific products.


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