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Servo Repair International, Inc. repairs and replaces many of the brands of servo motors, including Kollmorgen.

Kollmorgen is an industrial technology company owned by Danaher Corporation, a conglomerate with business interests in numerous industrial and commercial products. They provide motion control products and solutions to users worldwide. One of the Kollmorgen motion products used in many different control applications are the brushless servo motors. Servo Repair International provides support for Kollmorgen motor end users by applying our repair knowledge, skills and replacement capabilities to keep motors and systems operational. Our support covers Kollmorgen motor users worldwide -- in both industrial and governmental sectors.

The different series of Kollmorgen brushless motors offer a unique range of characteristics for machine designers to select from. Selection of the correct series depends of course on the electrical and mechanical necessities of the specific application. The paragraphs below gives a brief description of some “series specific” characteristics of the Kollmorgen brushless motors repaired at Servo Repair International.


Kollmorgen Motors


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AKM Series

The AKM series of Kollmorgen brushless servo motors are plug-n-play compatible with Kollmorgen AKD Drives. The motors have high torque density providing fast acceleration. Selection of different types of feedback devices such as resolvers, encoders and smart feedback devices allow end users wider feedback control options. They can be configured with different mountings and can come in gear motor, wash down and food grade types.

GOLDLINE B & M Model Series

The Kollmorgen Goldline Brushless servo motors come in a wide range of models to meet specific machine applications. The B Series utilize a unique design to keep the motor inertia low resulting in high acceleration and deceleration rates. This characteristic enables the B Series to be used in applications requiring high point to point positioning. The M Series Goldline motor is a higher inertia version of the B Series. This series is used where higher and/or mismatched loads are expected or encountered. Two other models of the Goldline Series are the BE and ME models. These models are the B and M models with encoders instead of resolvers used as the feedback device.


The Kollmorgen Seidel Brushless servo motors are DC brushless (trapezoidal current) servo motors. Motors can come with a resolver (standard), or tach /halls. A normally closed thermostat is integrated into the windings to provide thermal protection in case of a stator overload. The motors can come with or without an integral holding brake. There are also a wide variety of mounting flanges available which provide increased mounting flexibility.


The Kollmorgen Goldline XT Series servo motors provide the end users with a higher feedback resolution of 8192 ppr for increased resolution. They come with or without brakes (MT [no brake] and MTB [with brake]). Kollmorgen also tightened mechanical tolerances in this series to improve longevity and reduce vibrations. This series appears to be an improved version of the Standard B and M Series Goldline motors.

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